Dimelo reveals the Messaging experts in your agents

Julien Rio
Tue, 04/03/2018 - 17:10

Over 2 billion people around the world are using messaging apps on a daily basis to chat with their colleagues, friends and loved ones. One of its main benefits is asynchronous character, allowing people to interact on their own schedule. Customers are now expecting to connect with companies with the same medium: 56% of them would rather message than call customer service. As it is adapted to customers' expectations and provides more flexibility to companies, Dimelo is convinced that messaging is the future of customer care. To help companies engage with customers, Dimelo aims to integrate all messaging channels available to companies.

The messaging trend is even more obvious among younger generations: your agents are most certainly using such apps every day for personal reasons. They are already messaging experts in a way. Then why asking them to respond to customer enquiries within a different interface?

Dimelo proudly announces a brand-new interface for all messaging-like channels (Dimelo Chat, Messenger, Dimelo Mobile, Viber, WeChat) that perfectly replicates a traditional chat environment.

Messaging view Dimelo

This new version of Dimelo Digital for Messaging fills the gap between your customers and your agents. The latter now see things exactly the way your customers do and enjoy the exact same features. It encourages more proximity with your customers and encourages empathy when it comes to understanding the customer’s needs, giving more space to natural conversations.

Moreover, this new approach makes it more natural and intuitive for agents to respond, which in turn implies a lesser need for training and explanation and a shorter learning period for the agent to feel perfectly comfortable.

This newly created proximity and ease of use will ultimately lead to more customer satisfaction. Are you ready to try it yet?

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