Quick Guide To 2-Way Video Conferencing


Since the evolution of digitalization, many changes are observed in various sectors. Companies have seen enormous growth and have expanded worldwide with the help of digitalization.

In earlier times conference calls were introduced that host a pool of people on a single telephone call for important discussions. It helps in cutting out the cost of travel but misses the touch of a personal meeting due to its entirely audio settings. The scenario has been completely changed since the evolution of digital media. 2-way video conferencing solutions has taken the place of conference calls for conducting any meetings online.

As companies have grown big and flexible working schedules. It provided to the employees, the demand for online meetings and interactive tools have been increased. 2-way video conferencing solutions helps in conducting better communications and collaborations. 2-way video conferencing has made the task much easier while adding an element of the in-person meetings. Live stream conference makes the task easier as it allows companies to connect with influential clients and investors around the globe by sitting in one place. It resolves the hassle of traveling while saving large sums of money. Let’s take a tour to a quick guide for 2-way video conferencing solutions:


Firstly, Let’s Understand What Is 2-Way Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing is a live stream conference, that allows people sitting in different locations to conduct a meeting online. It is barely impossible to travel every other day for important discussions or meetings. 2-way video conferencing solutions allow people to gather online and conduct a meeting through video-enabled devices.

2-way live webcasting allows people to interact and collaborate in real-time through videos, text, presentations and so on. In the recent age of the digital era, companies are inclining towards a 2-way video conferencing service provider to carry out internal communications as well as external meetings for the smooth functioning of the system. A sudden hike has been observed in the usage of 2-way webcasting from the past years. A survey reports an increase of 87% from years ago in the use of video conferencing. It won’t be wrong if we say digitalization has paced up the productivity of various organizations and has brought balance to the work-life streams.

Let Your Organization Adopt A Video Conferencing Culture

Walking steps with the recent trends, companies must make 2-way video conferencing a priority and an interactive tool to conduct internal and external meetings. It will not only evoke the employee’s interest but will help in making them more focussed. Live conferencing helps in engaging employees and helps them in building a strong relationship with co-workers and clients.


Why Video Conferencing Is The Priority Of Businesses Nowadays?

Ever since the trend of live video conferencing came into existence, businesses are inclining towards it and are looking for a 2-way video conferencing service provider for unified video conferencing solutions. Since inception, 2-way video conferencing has become the priority for organizations to conduct a meeting online. It enables you to communicate by sitting at one place without having to travel locations for meetings saving both time and money. It enhances the authentic collaboration between employees and customers.

Practices That Need To Be Taken Into Account While Video Conferencing

When we talk about 2-way live webcasting, small details should be kept in mind. A video conference or web conferencing for internal communications or want to interview a candidate through 2-way video conferencing solutions that will give productive results. Ensure using a headset, during 2-way live webcasting as it will give clarity in audio and make it audible. The use of the headset will eliminate distracting echoes while allowing participants to listen more clearly.

To make your video conference call success, use the proper lighting while conducting a video conference call and avoid window backdrops. It will adversely affect your video quality by giving an effect of silhouette during a video call. Make it a habit of sitting with your back to the wall to prevent the silhouette effect. Muting the audio when you are in a noisy space and no one is speaking, it will help in reducing the background noise. Turning your back to the camera while the conference is going on is a big no-no situation. While conducting a meeting through a 2-way video conference call, you can opt to record online meetings for better results. Practicing these little things will help in giving effective results.

Optimize Meeting Rooms For Two-Way Video Conferencing

Many organizations are using small meeting rooms for video conferencing. Some organizations have integrated video connectivity to every room in the office, that holds the capacity of conducting a meeting. The other enhancements can even be done by the organization as technology focuses on conducting face to face meetings around the table. Enabling screen sharing conference calls is a critical task to accomplish. The bigger the room, the bigger the display is the general rule. And when you plan to carry out live video conference calls successfully. As the evolution continued, scalable, cloud-hosted meeting rooms fit the scenario for conducting video conference calls.

A Strong Internet Connection Is A Must

A strong network connection is a must to give a non-buffering viewing experience. Checking the bandwidth is a must to hold the traffic online while conducting an online video conference meeting. With the latest advancements in technology, joining a video call is not tough. Personal devices like laptops with built-in webcams and smartphones ease the work and allow anyone to join the live stream conference in the time of urgency.

Select The Right Video Conferencing Solution

Selecting the right video conferencing solution is a tough task for any organization. Before selecting a video conferencing solution, one must consider the core needs of an organization and the team. Security is one important factor for any organization. There are various 2-way video conferencing vendors available in the market nowadays that will help in making your task easy. A video conferencing solutions are used by various organizations, as you can easily scale up or down to match your meeting requirements.

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Thierry Moussu

Thierry Moussu

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Frédéric Gonin

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RingCentral Engage is a pillar in our customer care strategy. RingCentral Engage’s software and expertise has helped us to improve quality of service, enable peer support and self-service, and move our subscriber interactions into the digital domain.

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Marie-Hélène Albertini

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