What is VoIP SMS?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses the Internet to transmit voice data instead of copper wiring. VoIP SMS uses the Internet to send text messages, allowing VoIP subscribers to obtain text messaging capabilities. This can help businesses reach customers in a new way, if they are not already using text messaging. That is the key advantage of this technology.


  • – Help companies reach customers using a new medium (text).
  • – Enable powerful communication and chat features.
  • – Allow businesses to use text for their internal communications, such as interacting with coworkers quickly and easily.
  • – Empower higher productivity and bring more sales.
  • – Provide a new outlet for sales agents and other business communicators to reach their audiences.


In this article, we will briefly discuss how VoIP works, what VoIP SMS is and how you can begin using it in your business. We will also discuss some of the advantages of VoIP SMS for businesses.

Article Contents:

  1. – What is VoIP?
  2. – How Does VoIP SMS Texting Work?
  3. – What Benefits Does VoIP SMS Texting Bring My Business?


By the end of this article, you should have a better idea of how to use VoIP SMS text messaging, how to get access to this service and how you can use it to serve your business goals and help your customers.

1. What is VoIP?

VoIP service uses the Internet to transmit voice calls, text messages and chat communications instead of relying on the copper network wires of traditional phone service. It is fast, efficient, inexpensive and scalable. It saves phone companies money to use VoIP to offer their services, so many phone companies now use VoIP primarily or as a secondary extension to their services in case of network problems or excessive demand. Having VoIP available allows them to discount their phone services, because they can generate cost savings and pass these savings along to their phone service customers.

You can also get added services with VoIP, making it worthwhile for many businesses, even smaller ones, to sign up for VoIP services. It can enable you to get the added functionality you need. You can get more done, track billable hours if your industry typically does (accounting firms, law firms and agencies frequently use this feature), create call queues to manage incoming calls and accomplish other goals. VoIP services put these features within-reach for small businesses. VoIP text messaging is the same. With a VoIP service, your business can probably afford to make SMS text a part of your marketing, sales or communication with customers. It is also a decent alternative to workplace chat apps or internal communication systems that are chat or text-driven.

2. How Does SMS Texting Work?

Similarly to how VoIP phone call work, VoIP SMS text messaging does not use a traditional phone network to transmit messages. Instead, the text messages are packaged into data packets that can travel more efficiently over the Internet. Via Internet travel, the messages take the most efficient routes to reach their destinations. The copper wire networks of plain old telephone service (POTS) are skipped entirely, unless the communication needs to reach a traditional phone, and in that case the communication still travels over the Internet until it reaches the last leg of the destination and travels along the copper wiring leading to a POTS phone. It is pretty amazing how VoIP actually works, and it is a technology that can really help your business if you know how to use it and begin putting it to work for you.

Using our guides, you can do just that. SMS texting is a fairly simple solution to implement and you can get started quickly and begin texting for your business right away. This means less downtime, less time waiting for your service to start and more time getting to work. For your business, it means a lot of great things.

3. What Benefits Does VoIP SMS Texting Bring My Business?

VoIP SMS can be used for many different purposes, including communication directly with your customers. Many people are using text messaging today. It is no longer a form of communication for teenagers, but it is now a leading way for businesses to actually reach their customers. People of all ages, income brackets and professions use text messaging to communicate with friends and family. It makes sense, then, for businesses to begin leveraging text messaging for their business communications.

Text Message Benefits:

  • Fast Communication–Reach your customers instantly, communicate in real time and help them solve problems. This is great for customer service, sales, marketing and other areas of your business that interface directly with customers.
  • Cheap and Accessible–Text messaging is affordable, so just about everyone has a text messaging plan as part of their phone service. With the increase in mobile phone use, VoIP SMS texting is growing in terms of its value and importance. Many people keep their phones with them constantly and check their phones frequently, making text messaging very accessible and affordable for everyone to use.
  • Easy–With the broad acceptance and use of cell phones and text messaging, it has become very quick and easy for people to text. It is a preferred form of communication and it takes very little training, if any at all, for users to begin working with text messaging. You probably will not need to spend a lot of resources training people to use texting, which is a huge advantage for your business.
  • Popular Means of Communication–Texting is popular with customers, employees and others. The public gets to informally interact with your business, making it easier for them to contact you directly.
  • Less Intimidating–Texting lacks pretension and is informal, making it easier for people to get a hold of your business and regularly communicate with you. It takes away many of the barriers that would normally prevent people from engaging your business directly, because it is so easy and unpretentious. People who might not be willing to call your phone number and speak with a representative by phone may be very comfortable quickly sending text messages to connect with you.
  • Great for Sales–Texting can help you make a sale by giving you an opportunity to quickly engage your customers and encourage people who are on the fence to make that purchase rather than continue to wait for another time or a different opportunity.
  • Makes Your Business More Competitive–By helping you reach new audiences, VoIP SMS can help your business become more competitive and gain market share. For small to medium-sized businesses (SMB), it can be particularly important to win advantages over competitors and reach new customers.

To find a great VoIP SMS text service, begin looking for a VoIP vendor and service plan that can help your business grow. These plans offer a variety of options and typically also include valuable added features and services. Because they use VoIP networks, they are also usually inexpensive for the functionality they offer. They can help your business expand and communicate with more people, which is probably what you are looking for in a business communications system. Many of these vendors also offer comprehensive business communications services, so they can be vital partners in helping your business accomplish more and access better phone systems.

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