SNCF takes charge of its Digital Customer Relations

France’s national railway company, SNCF, is also a world leader in logistics and transport management. With more than 14,000 trains in circulation every day and 1 billion users moved around every year, SNCF is a huge part of the daily life of millions of travellers.

From passive to proactive

With an already significant presence on the web, SNCF long had to face an enormous volume of messages without having the high-performing tools it needed to manage its Digital Customer Relations.
Rather than waiting for customer requests to react to criticism and complaints, SNCF has decided to preemptively deal with queries by creating an online community. This is not only to reply to its customers’ questions more quickly, but also to involve them directly in the life of the business.

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Measuring consumer expectations

SNCF quickly realised the importance of Customer Relations on digital channels. Their priority was therefore to transform customer requests into Customer Relations. This meant going from public relations to a more personal and therefore fulfilling message, via social networks or through a second platform that is entirely dedicated to customer service.

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The Dimelo solution

Within the context of its digital transformation, SNCF has chosen Dimelo to set up its support community and manage its Customer Relations on social networks.
With 5 blogs and community platforms, 7 Facebook accounts and 9 Twitter accounts, the SNCF deals with 2,500 messages on the web, 11,000 messages on Facebook and 17,000 messages on Twitter every month.

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