Digital Customer Engagement


Digital Customer Engagement

Dimelo Communities

Create an online community and manage your clients conversations
while driving traffic to your website. 

Dimelo Social

Blend and manage messages from all social media in a unified interface and respond to your customers on their digital channel of choice.

Dimelo Mobile

Offer your customers an innovating way to contact you thanks to our instant messaging implemented to your mobile app.

Dimelo Chat

Assist your customers in real-time by integrating live-chat to your website

360° management console

Blend and manage messages from all digital channels in a unified interface

Prioritize handling based on customer profile and team resources, answer via the agent console on any digital channel and find your customers conversation history whatever the channel is.

Measure your efficiency thanks to centralized stats.


Dimelo Digital

A leader in social CRM with over 160 projects at leading brands


A leader in social CRM with over 160 projects at leading brands

Dimelo enables us to effectively reconcile community marketing with complex customer service requirements.
— Marie-Hélène Albertini - Head of Customer Service - Community and Social Media, Orange France

New resources


New resources

Ovum puts Dimelo on its radar

We are pleased to announce that leading industry analyst Ovum has put Dimelo on its radar.

Download this insightful and independent research brief to learn why you should too! 


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White paper: 5 Key Digital Engagement Initiatives to Optimize Customer Lifetime Value

Customer habits and digital channels are evolving fast. Successful organizations will be those who can harness this new reality and view the customer relationship through the lens of customer lifetime value.

Download this white paper to learn about the role of CLV in customer engagement and learn 5 key digital initiatives to optimize it.


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Seize the new customer relationship opportunity


Seize the new customer relationship opportunity

Meet new customer expectations

The customer journey has changed radically. Customers increasingly turn to social media and communities for the opinions of their peers and to learn about products—both before and after purchase. At home or on the move.

The brand relationship has changed for good. And the once clear distinction between outbound marketing and inbound customer service is rapidly disappearing.

Dimelo helps its clients seize this opportunity and deploy their customer relationship strategies across these new touchpoints.



Engage and serve the social customer

Power brand communities and peer support

Harness user-generated content to drive qualified traffic. Enable peer care and brand-mediated self-care. Foster brand advocacy.

Serve the customer at their channel of choice

Cut through the noise to see actionable engagement issues only. Avoid unnecessary escalation. Unify marketing engagement with customer service.

Enable Social SLAs

Guarantee fast response times. Avoid brand reputation liabilities. Turn detractors into promoters.

Achieve operational efficiencies

Apply proven customer service processes

Unify conversations across social and digital channels. Automate triage and dispatching for productivity. Apply workflows to enforce policy and present a single voice to the customer.

Supervise and measure in real time

Manage community and customer service performance with configurable dashboards. Supervise teamwork and guide operational efficiency. Measure customer satisfaction and quality of service.

Choose software designed for the enterprise

Deploy cloud-based software designed for agility and for CRM integration. Benefit from regular security and governance audits. Enable role-based user access with full traceability.