RingCentral Engage Digital’s Technical Sufficiency Criteria

Last updated : July 11, 2019


Use of Engage Digital Service is dependent on meeting these Technical Sufficiency Criteria. These Technical Sufficiency Criteria are incorporated into and made a part of the applicable Agreement.

Web browsers:

Use of the Service with any web browsers not compatible may result in partial or complete unavailability, interruption, or underperformance of the Service.

The Engage Digital’s supported web browsers are :

Google Chrome: latest version and its predecessor,

Microsoft Edge: latest version and its predecessor,

Microsoft Internet Explorer: version 10 and newer,

Firefox: latest version and its predecessor,

Firefox ESR: latest version,

Apple Safari: latest version and its predecessor.

Note that the term “latest” is defined by the browser vendors, and it is required to check with the browser vendor to determine the latest version available.

Mobile Operating System:

The Mobile SDK Supported Mobile OS are :

Android: version 4.1 and newer,

iOS: version 8 and newer.

Internet access bandwidth:

Sufficient internet bandwidth should be provisioned for Engage Digital Users.

Recommended: 1 Mbps per group of 10 users.