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Last update date: 02/07/2018

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Who are we ?

Dimelo is a company dedicated to omni-digital customer care. We provide our clients with the opportunity to simplify interactions between their Agents and their target community (we refer to them as “End Users”) thanks to our solutions Dimelo Digital and Dimelo Communities, whatever the digital communication channel used, whether it be social media, online chat, instant messaging within a mobile app, or community forums for FAQs or content promotion for example.

When you use these services, you share information with Dimelo. We wish to be transparent regarding the data collected, the way we use this data, the people with whom we share it, and the different options we provide for you to be able to control, access, and update your information.

This is why we have written this Data Privacy Policy. We have done everything in our power to simplify as best we could and explain to you in the clearest and most accessible way our policy, while avoiding complex legal wording, so that our Clients, End Users, Contributors or even website Visitors be included in our journey to improve your data privacy. If, after reading this document, you still have questions about our privacy policy, do not hesitate to contact us at

Dimelo Digital 

Dimelo Digital is a management console for centralized treatment of communications over  digital channels, including email, social media, and mobile. We generally distinguish private channels (such as app messaging or text message) from public channels (such as social media or forums).

Dimelo’s solutions might sometimes process personal data belonging to End Users in the context of managing interactions between the Client and End Users.

Information you share with us

As part of direct communication between the Client and End Users, End Users might communicate personal data directly (via a fill-out form) or indirectly (during a conversation) and this data will then be stored in the platform.

Agents who handle content posted by End Users have the option of filling out End Users  cards with the information that the End Users directly send them or that they collect during a conversation in order to provide a more personalized service, more efficient as well as simplifying future conversations.

By default, End Users’ records only contain empty fields concerning their identity such as the surname, name, gender, the company, one or more email addresses as well as one or several phone numbers.

The Client also has the option of adding information, depending on the services they wish to provide, in the End Users’ profiles by means of custom fields directly configured in the platform.

Additional information we receive concerning you 

Depending on the channels connected to Dimelo Digital, some data specific to these channels can be uploaded in the platform.

Let’s take the example of a social media account belonging to the Client and connected to the platform, the platform downloads and uploads messages sent to this account so that an agent can read, process and answer them. The platform collects at the same time the public data from the End User’s account who initially posted the message. The platform will only retrieve information that is left publicly available by the End User through his Privacy settings.

Information used to contextualize (like the contact page for example) or identify (like the End User’s username on the channel) can be collected by the platform along with the message content. The type of data collected depends on the channel used and is only collected to give the Agent more context information; the goal is always to improve the way the Agent answers an End User’s request, in quality and timeliness.

Let’s take another example: when an email address is connected to the platform, the platform will download messages sent to this email address, store requests and replies coming from said email address via the platform. These exchanges potentially contain metadata and/or information that could contain personal data. And so in this case (email), the platform stores the End User’s email address as well as their name; this is mandatory since it is not technically possible to send or receive messages without this information.

To ensure traceability, actions performed via the platform (such as content retrieval or Agent takeover) are recorded in an event log .

Information that we share and communicate

Dimelo does not share nor communicate any of your personal data to third parties (except to the Client that you contacted) outside of the service providing described above.

When an End User contacts our Client via a third party channel, the message is synced in the platform with context and/or identity information, an Agent then writes an answer that will be posted on the third party channel by the platform.

However, it may occur that we have to transfer some information to third party subcontractors, who handle a part of the services we provide, as part of the normal functioning and configuration of the platform.

These services include in particular hosting, spell checking an Agent’s message before sending it, encrypting images sent without encryption, sending notifications, detecting errors and generating error reports.

Data Retention Duration

We keep data according to guidelines set by the Client and as defined by the law. As established by the Services proposal, the Client can personalize their data retention settings and enforce these personalized settings in terms of the configuration of Services.

By default, during the initial set-up by Dimelo and to comply with recommendations from the CNIL in regards to managing Clients/Prospects files, the period is 2 years.

Data control possibility

An advanced roles and authorizations system allows the Client to limit both access to content and their Agent’s scope of action.

Both End Users and Agents can exercise their rights in reference to their data by contacting directly the Client. Dimelo does not have the ability to judge of the legitimacy of each request. 

Dimelo provides the Client with the required means to handle autonomously End Users’ and Agents’ requests to exercise their rights on their data.

Dimelo Communities

Dimelo Communities is an online exchange platform with the aim of encouraging mutual aid, promoting quality content and open innovation within a community of Contributors.

Information that you share with us

The platform enables Contributors to publish and share content. These messages are directly stored in the platform and linked to an End User.

When a Contributor signs up on the platform, he needs to fill out a form indicating some personal data of identification (required or not according to how the platform is configured) needed to complete the sign up such as surname, name, email address, and potentially a login name.

The Client has the possibility of asking for additional information when a Contributor register to his profile to cater to their specific needs by adding custom fields.

Additional information we receive concerning you

When a Contributor connects via a third-party service compatible with the platform (such as Facebook Connect), we can receive immediately some data that you used to log in such as for example your surname, name, email address, and login ID.

The data provided by the Contributor third-party login depends only on Privacy settings parameters defined or validated by the Contributor within the third-party service.

This information helps fill out certain information directly in the Contributor’s profile.

Information that we share and communicate

Dimelo doesn’t share, nor do we communicate any of your information to third-parties (except to the Client you contact) outside of the provision of services described above.

However, it may occur that we have to transfer certain information towards third party subcontractors, who handle a part of the services we provide, as part of normal functioning and configuration of the platform.

These services include in particular hosting, sending notification emails and private messages between Contributors, storing folders and attachments.

Data Retention duration

We keep data according to guidelines set by the Client and as defined by the law. As established by the Services proposal, the Client can personalize their retention settings and enforce these personalized settings in terms of the configuration of Services.

We recommend and plan by default to store the data for a period of 2 years.

Identities that have not been active during the defined period are made anonymous but their content can still be seen. The content can be deleted one by one afterwards.

Data control possibility

By definition, the platform is public to a specific community and by default so is all its content.

An advanced roles and authorizations system allows the Client to limit the options of accessing/creating/modifying/deleting/moderating content and access to said content depending on your User profile in the platform (Administrator or End User).

Contributors have the option of exercising their rights on their personal data by contacting directly the Client. Dimelo does not have the ability to judge of the legitimacy of each request. 

Dimelo provides the Client with the means required to operate independently on Contributors’ requests to exercise their rights.

Dimelo’s corporate website

When you visit our website, for our business relationships management and hiring process, we may process some of your personal data.

Information that you share with us

During our hiring process or when we publish job offers on our website, you submit some personal data if you inquire into our offers or if you submit a resumé. In the later case, we keep your resumé 6 months after the date of our last exchange.

When you sign up to receive our newsletters, we store and keep your email address so that we can send you the newsletter. In each of our newsletter, you will find a link to unsubscribe from our email campaigns.

When you use our contact form, you send us the content of your message as well as your contact information (surname, name, professional email address, and firm) so that we can contact you easily and reply to your request as efficiently as possible.

Before downloading documentation or other resources from our website, you also submit some of your contact information via a form (surname, name, professional email address).

Additional information we receive concerning you

We analyse the relevance of our website pages to ensure you access information quickly and effectively. This information contains primarily anonymized reports about browsing on our website.

This information is used only for technical and research purposes. 

Information that we share and communicate

Dimelo doesn’t share, nor do we communicate any of your information collected through the means described above.


In order to provide you with the best service possible as described above, we outsource part of our processing activities to third parties (for example hosting, spell checks, detecting errors, storing attachments…). They may have access to your personal information, but only the information necessary to providing these services on our behalf and they are always contractually binded not to disclose it or use it for other purposes.

We also make sure that they offer sufficient guarantees in terms of data protection and compliance to European regulations. To ensure this, we formalize by contract our common responsibilities and obligations.

Furthermore, when these third parties are located and/or process data outside of the EU, we check that they offer sufficient guarantees (like the signature of Model Contractual Clauses, the Privacy Shield certification…) in terms of data transfer Protection.

Cookie policy

We use several technologies on our websites in order to collect information which help tailor and improve your online experience. These technologies include cookies, pixels, tags and gifs, commonly called “cookies”. This part’s goal is to explain you the different types of cookies used on the site and how you can control them.

By keeping browsing on our websites, you agree and accept our following cookie policy 

When browsing our website, you agree to information processing within the limits permitted by the law, as well as to storage and access to cookies such as described below.

What is a cookie ?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or your mobile device. They are widely used to operate websites and software applications, or to improve the website’s running or efficiency. Websites and software applications can read and write these files, which enables them to recognize you and to remember important information that makes your experience browsing a website or software app more convenient (for example by remembering your user preferences).

What cookies do we use ?

Performance Cookies

Performance cookies, which usually include analytics cookies, gather information on how you use our website and helps us improve the user experience. For example, performance cookies show which of the website’s pages are mostly frequently viewed, they also show us patterns of how each page is most generally used, and enable us to record what obstacles users might have encountered on the website.

Performance cookies on Dimelo’s website can be provided by:

  • Google Analytics
  • Hubspot

Targeting or advertisement cookies

Our service providers and us use targeting or advertisement cookies to broadcast ads that we feel are better adapted to you and your interests. For example, we could use targeting or advertisement cookies to help use measure the success of our ad campaigns. These types of cookies remember that you viewed our website and we can share that information with other organizations, like promoters for example.  

Targeting or advertisement cookies can be provided by:

  • DoubleClick
  • AdWords
  • Hubspot
  • Flash cookies

We might, in some cases, use Adobe Flash Player to broadcast special content, such as vidéo clips or animations. To improve your user experience, the objects shared on site (commonly known as “Flash cookies”) are used to provide features such as saving your settings and preferences. Flash cookies are stored on your device, but they are handled through a different interface than the one provided by your web browser. 

This means that it is not possible to manage Flash cookies from within your browser the same way you would manage other usual types of cookies. Instead, you can access your managing tools directly from Adobe’s website. Adobe’s website provides detailed information on how to delete or deactivate flash cookies, please refer to for more information. Please note that if you deactivate or disable Flash cookies on Dimelo’s website, it might impact some features and prevent your access to them, notably video content. 

Third-party cookies

As part of your browsing on our website, we might use third-party cookies to offer specific features, mostly to improve our content sharing processes.

Third-party cookies used on Dimelo’s website may be provided by:

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube
  • Google
  • Addthis

How can I control cookies ?

You can decline usage of the cookies previously described at any time by 
activating the setting in your Web browser allowing you to object to the cookies. For Flash cookies, you can refuse to accept them by using the Adobe Flash Management tools ( 

You will find more information about the procedure to follow in order to deactivate cookies on your Web browser help screen. You can visit to obtain information on commonly used Web browsers. Please be aware that deactivation of some cookies may prevent the Dimelo website to act as intended and features may be limited.

You can also visit to manage the targeting and behavioural advertisement cookies.


Dimelo has named a Data Protection Officer that you may contact via if you have any questions regarding our Data Privacy Policy or regarding the more general use of your data at Dimelo.

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