Senior Ruby back-end engineer

Dimelo’s R&D department is looking for a senior back-end Ruby developer who will lead the growth of our infrastructure with the help of our hosting partner. You will join an experienced team of 7 developers in our offices in the heart of Paris’s 9th district.

About Dimelo

Dimelo is a fast growing independent software vendor delivering SaaS products that enable customers such as Orange, BNP Paribas, Canal+, Deutsche Bahn, Ooredoo, Axa (and many others), to manage their digital customer care. We developped 4 complementary products:

  • Dimelo Digital is a central engagement hub for customer care that unifies Dimelo solutions (Communities, Mobile, Chat), Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, WeChat...) and customer service channels (such as forums, blogs, communities, SMS, email).
  • Dimelo Chat is a web live chat solution featuring powerful behavioral targeting engine through any easy setup.
  • Dimelo Mobile, an Android / iOS SDK, integrates messaging capabilities directly into native mobile applications
  • Dimelo Communities enables companies to build user communities for branding, peer support and customer self care purposes across the web and mobile devices

Job description

You will be part of the R&D team and will be in charge of the infrastructure and deployment processes and tooling. You will manage our hosting partner and drive the technology stack in coordination with the R&D lead.

You will be implementing and improving back-end features, and ensure that everything is properly instrumented and monitored. You will ensure to maintain state-of-the-art security across our platform, and keep yourself up to date with new vulnerabilities and best practices.

You will work closely with the other R&D developers and will have a direct impact on software used by top brands to manage their customer relationship.

You will benefit from a permanent contract with a competitive compensation package (according to your profile and experience), which includes additional statutory time off (‘RTT’), health insurance and subsidised lunches (tickets restaurant).

We are very serious about our products but we also like to relax, for example we have a permanent table-football contest and regularly schedule drinkups.

You will benefit from good working conditions: dual screen, good seating and powerful linux/mac boxes.

The ideal candidate

You are a Ruby developer with solid technical grounding experienced in managing an infrastructure and are hungry for technical challenges.

You enjoy writing ruby code but also like working on the infrastructure side of things. You have good analytical and problem solving skills. You are both independent and a team player and you like things to be properly built and properly tested. You are at ease reading and writing English.

You're an efficient communicator, and feel comfortable driving our managed-hosting partner to get things done.

You think that knowledge should be shared, and enjoy mentoring junior developers.

Things go wrong occasionnaly, and you're not afraid to dig deep. You're not satisfied until the problem is thoroughly understood, has remediation in place and is properly monitored.

Technical requirements:

  • You know Ruby on Rails well but you also master barebone Ruby
  • You are interested in projects based around Ruby on Rails (Devise, Sidekiq, Capistrano...)
  • You understand databases (MySQL, MongoDB, Redis...), their differences, and how they work
  • You understand the *nix environment and associated concepts (socket blocking/non blocking, thread, process, fork, event-loop...)

Other valued skills:

  • Experience with a high traffic/data volume project (we get 100+ dynamic requests and 175+ background jobs per second)
  • Experience being on the receiving end of security audits
  • Experience in search or machine learning
  • Experience with social network APIs (Twitter, Facebook...)
  • Experience in native mobile apps development (iOS or Android)
  • Knowledge of front-end technologies (JS, HTML, CSS) is a plus
  • Participation in open source projects, here’s our GitHub

How we work

Back end:

  • Ruby on Rails and Sinatra
  • MySQL and MongoDB
  • Memcached and Redis
  • Passenger, Nginx and Sidekiq
  • Solr and Elasticsearch for search
  • Machine-learning with JRuby (and a bit of Python)

Front end:

  • Single page JavaScript application
  • Realtime events with WebSocket


  • Testing with RSpec, Capybara, WebKit, VCR, Jasmine
  • Version control with Git
  • Peer-reviewing with Gitlab
  • Issue tracking with JIRA
  • Continuous testing with
  • Deployment several times per day with Capistrano on dedicated servers
  • Monitoring with the ELK stack


If that sounds like you, contact us at

Senior Ruby back-end engineer

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