Security as a feature

For Dimelo, security is at the core of the products and services we provide, not just an afterthought. From the development phase to the providers we chose to work with, security is ingrained in every step taken to provide you with the best Digital Customer Care experience.

Learn all about security at Dimelo, from the policies we enforce and provide, to how our infrastructure provides both high availability and security.


Application security

Dimelo SaaS suite is securely configured by default. This means that, out of the box, you have access to:

  • Full Audit trail: easily access all of the actions performed by your users, directly from the back-office, with unlimited data retention.

  • Extended account permission matrix: define role-based and user-based permissions

  • Automatic account ban: prevent malicious login by brute-force attacks

  • Sensitive information filtered: No sensitive fields, such as passwords, tokens, API keys, can be found in logs, exports, etc...

In addition, you can chose to tighten security by setting several policies, such as:

  • SSO: integrate Dimelo with your own Identity Management system

  • Password complexity: ensure your users have a strong password

  • IP Filtering: restrict access to your platform to a specific list of IP addresses

Infrastructure & availability

Our infrastructure is managed by Typhon, part of Claranet, one of the leading hosting provider in Europe. Combined with Dimelo’s expertise in building secure, stable and resilient architectures, we are able to provide:

  • Full redundancy and backup, for every service and subsystem

  • Disaster Recovery Plan in place, tested yearly

  • Hardened servers, on a private network

  • Extensive 24/7 monitoring, both business and system


As a software provider working with leading brands, Dimelo is subject to constant scrutiny regarding security, which we welcome.

Approximately ten audits are performed each year, both on the software we provide (pen-testing) and on our processes (organisational audits).

Thanks to those audits, we are able to continually assess our practices, and make sure that we do not deviate from the goal we set ourselves: provide our customers with applications that not only have everything needed to manage online customer service activities, but to do so securely.

Physical premises

Dimelo’s main infrastructure is hosted in one of the E.U leading datacenter : Telehouse 2.

Built on a former military site, Telehouse is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 certified.

With 24/7 human surveillance, double security perimeter, CCTV and HID controlled access, Telehouse provides top of the line security for our infrastructure.

Furthermore, our servers are hosted in our infrastructure manager’s private PCI-DSS-certified cages, to which only habilitated have access.

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