Agent console

A console made for mobile conversations

Improve your operational efficiency

Take care of customer requests promptly. Advanced workflow features allow you to monitor your team’s performance and check the quality of their responses.

Access the history of all your exchanges, regardless of the channel used

Whether your customers are logged in or not, you can access the complete history of your exchanges with them.

A console suited to this type of exchange

Our reply assistant features a knowledge base and standard responses for increased efficiency. You know in real time if your message has been read, and you can choose to receive desktop notifications so you'll know when your customer answers!

Set up automatic replies in case of absence

After business hours, Dimelo Mobile can automatically send a message to your customers informing them that you are not available and that an agent will respond as soon as possible.

Know at a glance if your message was read

With Dimelo Mobile, you know when a customer has read your message. Saves you time!

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