Agent console

A console tailored to email management

Prepare automatic responses

It's easy to send out automated acknowledgments of receipt or responses tailored to customers' specific issues with Dimelo Digital.

Never miss a message with desktop notifications

To ensure quick responses to incoming messages, you can enable desktop notifications in Dimelo Digital. Even if you have closed the relevant window, you'll never miss a message!

Use your own html templates and easily create your responses

Dimelo Mail supports html format and makes it easy for your agents to respond to each inquiry. The reply editor is suitable for sending email, and it allows you to format text to suit your needs. You can also send attachments with Dimelo Mail.

Facilitate your agent's job with a knowledge base and reply assistant

Set up a knowledge base to enable your agents to respond more accurately and save time.

Dimelo Mail provides an easy-to-use reply assistant. Compose a complete sentence only once. Afterwards, your agent simply needs to begin typing the response for the rest of the sentence to appear.

Save time with the spell checker

Your agents will be sure to send error-free messages, thanks to our spell checker.

Group all messages in a single conversation ticket

Conversations with your customers can entail multiple exchanges over a period of several days. They can occur on private or public platforms, and can sometimes involve several different agents. With Dimelo Mail, find all the emails related to a ticket with one click to know exactly who said what, to whom and when!

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