Efficiently process all incoming messages

A dedicated workspace tailored to your agents

Dimelo Digital provides a workspace tailored to the needs of your agents. Through it, they can process  messages received through all channels according to priorities defined by your business rules.

The console handles queue management for teams of any size. Your agents are automatically guided during processing so that they need only focus on the messages in their queue.


Prioritize urgent messages, according to your digital strategy

With the Dimelo Digital console, you can define a level of service (SLA) to indicate your service response time (“We respond within 2 hours”). Customer messages will automatically be prioritized as they approach the time limit.

Transpose your business rules into Dimelo Digital by defining rules that will more or less prioritize messages based on the channel (chat, social media, email, etc.), customer (VIP or not), content (keywords), etc.

Easily forward messages to another agent

If an agent is unavailable, pending messages can be forwarded to other agents or other teams according to your escalation rules. Similarly, if agents lack the expertise to handle an inquiry, they can forward it to the appropriate team.

Never miss a message with desktop notifications

To ensure quick responses to incoming messages, you can enable desktop notifications in Dimelo Digital. Even if you have closed the relevant window, you'll never miss a message!

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