Integration and setup

Easily configure your chat through the console

Copy. Paste. Chat!

You can integrate Dimelo Chat into your website in under an hour. Simply add our script to all pages of your site. Your teams can then refine the rules for targeting, and change the look of the invitations.

Customize the appearance of your invitations and CTAs

Your invitation buttons are fully customizable through the console. Easily edit the text, color and style of your buttons, or add your own visuals.

Customize your chat window

Add an agent name and avatar with a few clicks to customize your chat window.

A 100% responsive window

Give your customers the best possible customer experience with our 100% responsive chat window, which adapts seamlessly to mobile phones and tablets.

Use your own authentication system and qualify customer inquiries

Before you start a conversation, you can ask your customers to identify themselves. You can integrate Dimelo Chat into your own Single sign-on protocol. If your customers are already logged in to your site, they will automatically be identified, and their customer profiles will be displayed in the console.

You can also create a log-in form that appears at the start of the chat to qualify their inquiry and contact information. Add as many fields as you like to your authentication form; Dimelo Chat automatically maps them to existing customer data in the console.

Or opt for anonymous mode

Alternatively, with Dimelo Chat anonymous mode, you can still identify customers by using cookies on your site. We also manage the transition from anonymous to authenticated user mode.

Integrate Dimelo Chat into your CRM

Dimelo Digital provides the web services and plug-ins your IT teams need to perform CRM or CTI integrations.

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