Behavioural targeting

Offer live chat to the visitors who need it most

Be reactive or proactive

Visitors can choose to chat with you by clicking the chat window or a button on the page they're on. You can also schedule an invitation to chat based on your users' behavior. They can then accept or decline.

Define the criteria for triggering a chat invitation

With our behavioral targeting module, you can offer to chat with the right customer at the right time. It functions based on multiple criteria: time spent on the site, current page, previous page, visited URLs, first page viewed, number of visits, etc.


Easily configure your chat preferences from the console

Chatting with Dimelo is simple. You can define the conditions for launching a chat invitation with a few clicks.

Route requests to the appropriate agents

Easily define routing rules based on customer inquiries so that questions will be automatically assigned to the agents who are best able to handle the requests. If necessary, you can also transfer requests to other available agents.

Let our team of experts guide you

Dimelo Chat experts support you throughout the creation of your chat module, helping you define the right criteria so you can offer the best service to your customers.

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