Agent console

A console made for chat

Our console is tailor-made for chat support

Our reply assistant provides a knowledge base and standard answers for increased efficiency. You know in real time if your message has been read, and you can choose to receive desktop notifications so you'll know when your customer answers!

Access the history of all your exchanges, regardless of the channel used

Whether your customers are logged in or not, you can access the complete history of your exchanges with them. The customer can also print or download your entire conversation.

View your visitors' actions in real time

Origin, pages visited, cart total, keywords searched, and more. All the details you need to better understand your customers are displayed in real time in the customer form on the right of the reply editor. You can speak to your customers with all of the essential info at your fingertips!

View your customers' messages as they type

With Dimelo Chat, you can see your customers' answers as they type, allowing you to anticipate their reactions and prepare your answers!

Easily share attachments

Enhance your exchanges with documents, images or any other type of file, thanks to the attachments module that can be used by both agents and customers.

Manage multiple concurrent sessions

You can engage in an unlimited number of simultaneous conversations. If a conversation is assigned to you and you're too busy to respond, you'll receive an alert. If you are still not answering, the conversation will be assigned to another available agent.

Transfer a conversation to another agent

If a customer's question is beyond your expertise, you can transfer the customer to another agent with one click.


Manage your downtime

Away from your desk? Your account will automatically be switched to "unavailable" after a few seconds, and incoming questions will be assigned to other agents.

After business hours, automatically switch from chat to email

If no agents are available, you don't have to remove the chat interface; you can simply have it convert into a custom email contact form. You'll receive the inquiry through the Dimelo console when you come in the next day.

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