Easy CRM integration with Dimelo

Synchronise your customer information in real time and provide the same information to all your customer advisers

Export the data collected by Dimelo to your CRM easily and simply

With Dimelo, you can export all collected data (conversations, advisers involved in the case, customer information, contact form, etc.). Data is exported in .CSV format via SFTP server.

Consult your CRM customer details form directly on the Dimelo Digital platform

Dimelo enables you to personalise the fields in the customer details form (contact details, record of exchanges, different social identities, etc.) by choosing specific fields that are linked directly to your CRM (customer no., type of package, products bought).

As well as that, Dimelo offers a development platform called Dimelo App SDK, which allows you to integrate a CRM view directly in the Dimelo interface. Your customer advisers can therefore associate an existing customer details form in your CRM with a form created on the Dimelo Digital platform and get a 360° view of the customer during exchanges.

You can also add personalisable actions to the console (e.g. Create CRM interaction), which will be reproduced immediately in your CRM.

Synchronise Dimelo with your CRM

We offer open REST APIs that allow you to retrieve Dimelo data in your CRM. The API webhook can automatically trigger events in real time in your CRM when an action is carried out in Dimelo Digital. This enables you to automate data synchronisation processes between Dimelo and the CRM.

We already work with SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics, but our APIs allow us to adapt to all configurations.

Your data: completely secure, on your system

Security is paramount for Dimelo. Communication between Dimelo and your CRM is only carried out via a proxy/bridge hosted on your system and by interacting directly with your advisers via webviews. Data and exchanges are therefore subject to your own security conditions. Only your advisers will have access to this information; nothing can be accessed from the outside, even by Dimelo.

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