7 reasons why you should join Dimelo

dream team dimelo

Reason #1 - The Dream team !

At Dimelo, we're a close-knit group. You'll meet some great people who are all dedicated to a common cause. It's really cool, and it makes all the difference!

projets dimelo

Reason #2 - You'll be involved in
cutting-edge projects

We love challenge, and innovation is the heart of our projects. If you are too, we might get well together...

paris dimelo

Reason #3 - You'll work
in the heart of Paris

Between the Grands Boulevards and the Cadet metro stop, our offices couldn't be in a better location: THE place to be, the French Silicon Valley, with the best restaurants within walking distance. Living the dream, right?!

babyfoot dimelo

Reason #4 - You'll become
a foosball champion

At first you might be shy and reluctant to take a shot at it. But resistance is futile! With a little effort you'll soon be on your way to victory!

projets dimelo

Reason #5 - You'll have
opportunities to travel

Our vision knows no boundaries, especially geographical ones! We've gone to the Maldives, to Dubai, to the Caribbean... :) What's next?

ambiance dimelo

Reason #6 - The awesome

At Dimelo, we celebrate everything: newcomers, birthdays, Dimeloversaries, babies, weddings...
There's always something to drink a toast to!

fruits dimelo

Reason #7 - You'll eat well!

Feeding your brain is important. And at Dimelo, we're all about the vitamins! Every week there's a fresh fruit basket in the entryway: bananas, citrus fruits, apples, pears... Seasonal fruit for everybody. Help yourself!


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