About us

Dimelo creates SaaS applications for client interaction management

Our goal

To digitize customer relations in large B2C companies

Our conviction

Companies must adapt to the new expectations of connected customers by embracing their preferred tools and behaviors

Our unique value

Serving as the bridge between customer expectations (minimal effort, satisfaction) and the mandates of the enterprise (operational efficiency, integration, cost reduction)

Our recipe

A combination of a young, dynamic team that resembles today's connected consumer, and senior management with extensive experience in the complexities of business and B2B sales

Our ambition

to become the go-to provider of an enterprise solution for digital contact centers

Our strengths

we love innovating, we adore new technologies, our team is extraordinary and so is our product!

Discover Dimelo in numbers

gen y dimelo

76% de Gen Y

76% of us are Gen Y or Digital Natives

clients dimelo

51 countries

Dimelo is operating worldwide in 51 countries and 3 continents

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48% have already lived abroad

Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands… we are such globe-trotters!

twitter dimelo

100% have a Twitter account

At Dimelo, everyone's tweeting !

about dimelo

+40 000 km traveled

We travel a lot to provide international companies with our products!

code dimelo

68 096 code lines

68,096 lines of object code in Ruby...equivalent to 300,000 lines of Java ;)


47 coffees drunk per day

Coffees lovers are many at Dimelo !

gen y dimelo

62% of Android smartphones

Against 28% of iPhones: the fight goes on... but Dimelo Mobile, does function on both OS ;)

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