[Study] Mobile and other digital trends to watch in 2016

Every year, the We Are Social Singapore agency publishes studies on the status of all things digital in the world, including two in-depth reports: an overview of digital trends in 232 countries, and the “Digital in 2016” report, which focuses on 30 countries.

Time spent with media

Social network usage still expanding

According to the report, 59% of the people in the United Kingdom are active on social networks, with 51% of them using mobile devices for access.

Social media use

In Europe, there is a steady rise in social network access via mobile devices: up 6% between January 2015 and January 2016. 

Facebook and Facebook Messenger are the most-used social platforms in the United Kingdom.

Top active social platforms

Mobile use rising

In Europe, there are an average of 1.3 mobile phones per capita.

Digital in Europe

Other statistics of interest to the customer relations sector: 62% of the inhabitants of the UK use mobile devices daily to access the Internet, and 43% already use instant messaging services.

Mobile activities

Key stats

  • 59 million Internet users in the UK
  • 85% go online every day
  • 58% actively use social networks
  • The British spend 1 hour and 16 minutes per day on social networks
  • 51% of users access social networks with mobile devices
  • 43% of the inhabitants of the UK use instant messaging on mobile devices
  • Among the 7 most-used platforms, 4 are for messaging, chat or VoIP

For details, go to the We Are Social Singapore presentation online (data regarding the United Kingdom starts at slide 481).

Digital in 2016

2016 Digital Yearbook

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