Messenger growth : how a Telco company reached 850k monthly messages in 6 months

As we have stressed out this year, messaging is one of the fastest growing channels for Customer Care : 67% of consumers are now using a messaging app at least twice a week and 2.6 billion people are using Messenger and WhatsApp.

As an official Messenger Partner, Dimelo enables multiple companies to use this channel to communicate with their customers. Since Messenger’s business API launch in April 2016, we have seen a growing interest from companies and their customers, resulting in a continuous growth of interactions’ volumes on this channel.

One of the most significative examples is one of our clients in Asia in the Telecommunications industry, which adopted Messenger early 2017. Before that, the company was already offering a number of digital touch points: email, live chat, social media… As Messenger became available, customers naturally adopted this new channel to contact the company. Finally, it reached 850 000 monthly messages on Messenger this year.

Messenger Growth

We can see that this fast growth of Messenger has an impact on other digital channels, whose interactions’ volumes remain steady. The relative share of these channels is decreasing, while the one of Messenger is increasing.

Messenger Growth vs Digital Channels

This evolution shows that customers are enjoying the messaging format, allowing to communicate asynchronously at their own schedule. Unlike with calls or live chats, they do not have to focus on the conversation, waiting for a reply. For companies, matching these expectations will help to improve customer satisfaction. Messaging also enables companies to better balance their workload, as it is not mandatory to send instantaneous replies and multiple conversations can be managed simultaneously.

With GAFA progressively launching their messaging channels and Facebook launching innovations such as Messenger Customer Chat, there is no doubt that messaging will strengthen its role for customer care in 2018.

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