Innovation: PMU offers its customers in-app instant messaging!

PMU is continuing to stride ahead in the field of customer service and is now offering its customers in-app instant messaging!

PMU has just launched a new version of its mobile app, “PMU Sport”, on iOS.

On the menu with this update is an exciting innovation for its customers: the possibility of chatting directly with PMU’s customer service team thanks to RingCentral Engage Digital, a white-label app-integrated instant messaging system.

PMU has worked with RingCentral Engage Digital for over a year to manage its social networks (Facebook pages and Twitter accounts) and its bettors’ community.

This new collaboration is dedicated to innovation: PMU is one of the first French businesses to offer an integrated instant messaging system in its mobile app.

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The advantages of this mode of communication are endless:

  • No break in the customer’s journey: they stay connected to the app and can continue to place bets!
  • Responses can be instant or delayed, depending on the availability of both members of the conversation.
  • Unlike classic versions of chat, if the customer leaves the application after asking a question, they will receive a notification when the adviser has replied.
  • Exchanges can include text and images.

chloe beauvallet pmu

Chloé Beauvallet
Head of Services and Customer Relations – PMU

“As a leader in the leisure market, we hope to offer our customers excellent, cutting-edge service that is simple to implement in a shared back office. Testing Dimelo Mobile enables us to conciliate these two goals while optimising our one-click assistance system for betting football fans… just before the EURO!”

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