Dimelo launches Dimelo Mobile

In keeping with its mission to innovate in the digital customer relations arena and to simplify the process for companies, Dimelo has launched “Dimelo Mobile,” the first instant messaging solution that can be integrated into brand mobile applications.

“An Experian study shows that, today, 44% of the time, people are using their smartphones to exchange through digital channels, such as SMS, emails, social networks, chats, etc. Why not engage with your customers in the same ways? Our goal is to provide the tools and support companies need to make the digital transformation. With this in mind, we are launching our new, mobile-focused service, which offers an experience similar to those of WhatsApp or Messenger. An easy way to interact with customers, while maintaining a controlled and professional environment.”
Stéphane Lee, Managing Director and Co-Founder of RingCentral Engage


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