Dimelo launches Dimelo Chat

RingCentral Engage has released “Engage Chat,” a live chat module integrated into a single management console through which companies can manage all of their digital channels. “Engage Chat” has the robust configuration and management features you need for efficient, real-time communication with customers.

“It is widely known that chat is playing a larger role in digital customer relations and that it enables you to respond quickly to customers and guarantee a high rate of satisfaction. Engage Chat can be completely integrated into our clients’ existing strategy and process. We chose not to create yet another silo, nor to isolate chat from the other channels. Our chat solution is managed from a single console that accommodates all digital channels: social networks, mobile messaging, online customer communities, e-mail, and now chat! With this approach, our clients can efficiently manage their digital customer relations while enjoying advanced features for every channel.”

Stéphane Lee, Managing Director and Co-Founder


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