Chatbot Summit: the collaboration between agents and chatbots

A few days ago, our team was in Berlin for Chatbot Summit, the world’s leading international event series for chatbots. It gathered professionals from top consumer brands, technology leaders, innovative startups and digital service providers. More than 1500 attendees, 100 speakers and 60 exhibitors joined this Berlin’s edition.

During the event, Julien Rio, Head of Marketing at RingCentral Engage, talked about the collaboration between agents and chatbots. The evolution of customer expectations naturally leads to the usage of chatbots to respond better, faster, any time. But chatbots have their limits: this is where the collaboration between human & machine comes in for a seamless customer experience. To get practical, we will review a concrete example of a consumer brand using chatbot/human collaboration as a mean to please their customers. 

In case you missed it, you can watch the full conference below:

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