4 tips to manage your Customer Relations via chat

“Click to Chat” has already been adopted by numerous companies. Regarding consumers, 63% of them state that they are more likely to return to a website if it offers live chat (Forester study 2016). Better still, 79% of consumers are more likely to buy if the company offers live chat (FurstPerson study 2014).  Here are 4 useful tips to manage this tool, which is ideal for optimising your Customer Experience.

Target visitors who need it the most

When you implement a chat system on your website, instead of inviting every visitor to chat, target those who, through their behaviour, seem to need some assistance (time spent on page, basket total, page visited, etc.). They will be delighted to speak to one of your advisers and you will prevent them from leaving your site prematurely.

A question?

Adopt the appropriate register

Chat is one of the emerging channels on which it is best to use a less formal tone. You can show your closeness with your customers (use of smileys, short, precise sentences) while remaining professional. Basically, respond how you would like to be responded to. Encourage your advisers to sign with their first name and to adopt a writing style that will help your company to re-humanise its Customer Relations.

Chat window

Survey your customers

Once the conversation is over, you want to make sure the customer is satisfied. To do this, you can set up an automatic satisfaction survey. This survey can take various forms; the important thing is to collect this information, which is essential to improving your performance.

Questionnaire de satisfaction

Use a good tool

There are many live chat solutions on the market. An effective tool will allow you to supervise and monitor your advisers’ exchanges, to display customer files (page visited, basket total), to exchange attachments and to get advanced statistics.

Dimelo Chat

So, are you ready to charm your clients on chat?

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