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Ruby Back-End Engineer

We are looking for a Ruby Back-end Engineer in the R&D team at Dimelo.

You will be working as part of the R&D department on the back-end aspects (architecture and developments) of our products. You will be involved in such issues as caching, performance, and the technical architecture of our products. You will also take part in structuring and developing the infrastructure (CI, development, pre-production, production) and manage the outsourcing service providers.

You will tackle a variety of projects from the many crawlers and daemons, to the integration of third-party services such as Hadoop, to the messaging/background tasking layer, to the design of internal monitoring tools.

UI/UX designer

We’re looking for an experienced designer, who strives on building groundbreaking products, and believes that effective design and experience make a huge difference in the value of a product.

You will drive the design and experience of our products, shaping the interactions and user interface of our products on the web, and mobile devices. You will be working closely with product management, and R&D team from concept to final product to deliver top notch experience and visually appealing design throughout the product life cycle.

Product Marketing Manager

We are looking for our Product Marketing Manager.

HIs/her main goal will be to construct European-wide product marketing messages, documents, tools and processes that effectively match best US B-to-B marketers standards.